LotusLive: New Collaborative SaaS

At Lotusphere, Lotus announced LotusLive, a new collaborative SaaS:

  • A cloud-based portfolio of social networking and collaboration services.
  • Its capabilities will include Web conferencing and event management, online meetings, file sharing, survey forms, dynamic charting, profiles/contacts, chat, and Web-based email and calendaring.
  • IBM's Bluehouse project is being folded into LotusLive.
  • Initial availability should be in mid-2009, with webmail and Web calendaring services.
  • Later in 2009, the rebranded Bluehouse services should be available (online meetings, file sharing, chat, survey forms, dynamic charting, profiles/contacts).
  • Pricing information is not yet available.
  • Some elements use the same code base as other Lotus products.
  • Many elements use their own code, replicating areas of other Lotus products/services; e.g., the email/calandering part will come from the acquisition of Outblaze, a hosted private-labeling webmail service.
  • Service is being integrated with third parties, including Salesforce.com and Skype.

General thoughts:

  • Sounds like a cobbling together of different products, with different code bases and looks-and-feels.
  • Doubt there will be anything approaching seamless integration with Lotus on-premises products.
  • The service has a reasonable chance of building a business, but it's not clear at this point that it'll be a major force, even in the Notes/Domino world.

... David Ferris

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