Notes/Domino Is Alive and Well

For the last five years or so, Microsoft periodically tells everyone that Notes is dead, or dying. See this current example at Microsoft's press Web site. Ferris Research is quoted as saying that Exchange has a 65% share of the messaging market, while Notes/Domino has a 10% share.

While it's true, in our view, that Notes/Domino has 10% of all business seats in the business market for on-premises email software, the figure is rather misleading. Notes/Domino is not targeted at small businesses. It's aimed at medium-sized and large organizations.

Overall, we think Notes/Domino's position is gradually declining, but it nevertheless has an excellent market position:

  • It's at its strongest in manufacturing and financial industries, with more than 55% market share in manufacturing industries with at least 5,000 employees.
  • Among health care industries with at least 2,500 employees, it has a roughly 25% market share.
  • In organizations of all types with at least 1,000 employees, it has a 20%+ market share.

These figures are based on a survey of more than 900 organizations--mainly in North America and several other large developed economies--conducted during 2007. We believe it's the most accurate survey available. For further information see our report Email Market Shares, Versions Deployed, Migrations, and Software Cost.

... David Ferris

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