Content Circles: ECM Lite

Content Circles is a sort of easy-to-use-and-install ECM system:

  • Allows users to work on shared files.
  • System tracks the status of each version of a file; e.g. who opened it, who has control, etc.
  • PC and Mac rich clients.
  • Users maintain files locally.
  • Simple to use and maintain.
  • Directory service in the cloud authenticates users.
  • The cloud also maintains information on access controls, metadata, and file tracking.
  • Computers share the files using a Torrent-like peer-to-peer protocol.
  • Synchronization with other repositories, including SharePoint, Google Docs, FTP Servers, and network drives through APIs.
  • API provides for integration with traditional ECM systems.
  • Initial target markets are engineering, construction, architecture, and creative design/advertising.
  • Pricing: $24.95/month for people who initiate a workspace ("a content circle"); free for people who participate in a workspace.
  • Launched January 2009.

Sounds interesting and useful; we look forward to learning more.

... David Ferris

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