Don’t Let Email Retention Rules Bog Down Decision to Archive Email

For many organizations, the ability to define and enforce retention schedules is important for email archiving. So when evaluating email archiving products, be able to take a position on what your retention needs are. Think through such issues as: What kind of emails need to be stored, and for how long? Is it practical to […]... read more »

Beejive Mobile Instant Messaging Client

Beejive has produced a very nice mobile instant messaging client for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. It supports a number of IM protocols. I tried out Beejive on the iPhone, using XMPP (the Internet Standard eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol). The protocol support is good, and the user experience and interface are excellent. I liked […]... read more »

Google Adds Attachment Control To Offline Gmail

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Cleartext Announces SaaS Messaging Bundle @ 20% Discount

Cleartext brings SaaS IM and email messaging bundle to reduce businesses costs... read more »

Entel PCS Goes Live with Synchronica-based Push Email Service

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GWAVA Delivers Timely Support of New GroupWise Patches

Vertigo from GWAVA helps GroupWise administrators centrally manage mailbox settings... read more »

Adoption of Microsoft Live@edu Continues to Grow With Universities Worldwide

Education institutions worldwide embrace Microsoft Live@edu to enrich student experience, enhance learning outcomes and fuel productivity; new Microsoft Outlook Live delivers new e-mail functionality based on the popular Outlook interface... read more »