Exchange Losing Ground to Gmail in SMB

Updated Feb 20 4.25pm PST to correct and clarify user storage quotas. Updated Feb 21 2.30am PST to clarify that Microsoft claims that these quotas have changed. Updated Feb 21 6.45am PST to add “mixed messages” comment. Updated Feb 24 11.15am PST to add link to service description Updated Feb 24 12.05pm PST to add […]... read more »

CA’s Acquisition of Orchestria: We’re Seeking Input

We’re writing an analysis of CA’s recent acquisition of Orchestria. We’d like to hear from anyone that can help us with the following: Orchestria’s revenue and profit/loss history Terms of the deal The main business problems Orchestria faced over the last two years How Orchestria sought a buyer, and how the negotiations with CA proceeded […]... read more »

Arnold Worldwide Entrusts Its Critical Data and Creative IP to Mimosa NearPoint Email Archiving Solution Stored on Compellent Storage Center

Leading Global Advertising Agency Archives Vital Business Data for Mixed PC and Mac Enterprise Using a Combined Solution from Mimosa and Compellent... read more »

Optenet’s HostSecure Enables the Detection and Removal of Inappropriate User-Generated Content on Blogs and Social Networking Sites

Optenet’s HostSecure Enables the Detection and Removal of Inappropriate User-Generated Content on Blogs and Social Networking Sites... read more »

Message Systems and Image Analyser Unveil Groundbreaking Solution for Detecting and Filtering Images

ISPs and Telecom Carriers Can Now Provide Customers with More Control over Digital Photos and Images in Email... read more »

Kazeon Extends eDiscovery Analysis & Review Functionality

Kazeon proves its End-to-end eDiscovery Capabilities through Analysis & Review Advancements... read more »

Cryptzone becomes de facto standard for email encryption in Norway

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Voltage Security Protects Email at Wells Fargo

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VISTO Announces Support for Google’s Android Platform

Showcases Company’s commitment to supporting the widest array of mobile devices... read more »

St. Bernard Prevents Web Proxy Use with Multi-Layer Anonymizer Defense

Two-layer approach offers leading protection against Web-based proxy servers... read more »

Bizanga and Yandex Partner to Offer a Messaging Security Platform for Russian Carriers & Service Providers

Yandex Anti-Spam technology integrated with Bizanga’s Intelligent Message Platform... read more »

COMSTAR turns to Bizanga Intelligent Message Processor Platform

First joint deployment with Yandex Spamooborona addresses specific Russian market requirements... read more »

Engate Anti-Botnet and Email Security Solution Named Among Top Products to Watch in 2009 by eWEEK Magazine

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