Mailprotector: Malware SaaS

We've just heard about Mailprotector, an in-the-cloud email threat control service. Main features are:

  • Spam control
  • Virus, phishing, malware control
  • Policy and compliance enforcement
  • Data loss prevention
  • Encryption--inbound and outbound via TLS
  • Availability and continuity
  • Hosted messaging and collaboration

Pricing varies from around $4/user/month down to $0.65/user/month, depending on volumes.

Mailprotector does around $2M/year in revenues, and has been in existence since 2002. The business is obviously very small compared to the established market leaders such as Google/Postini, Symantec/MessageLabs, and MX Logic. Mailprotector feels its main strengths include ease of use, good accessibility to technical support, and easy contractual terms. Its main focus is on SMBs.

Overall thought: If this company has good technology, then probably the best thing would be for it to sell through OEM partners, and perhaps be acquired by a major one that can give it good leverage.

... David Ferris

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