Systems Management Moving to the Cloud

With cloud computing evolving rapidly, a number of vendors have taken the systems management model into the cloud. One of these is San Francisco-based Tap In Systems. It is one of the first vendors we’re aware of making use of the virtual servers (called "instances" in Amazon Web Services speak) in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) infrastructure to address on-premises and cloud-based systems management.

Similarly, another Bay Area company, Hyperic, provides solutions to monitor your apps wherever they are located, and has also built out a free dashboard called CloudStatus to report on availability of Google Apps and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We expect this to be the leading edge of a multiyear transition of traditional systems management solutions over to the cloud. Similar trends are already under way in the archiving arena (e.g., LiveOffice, Postini, Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services) and e-discovery markets (e.g., CaseCentral, CT Summation).

The question, of course, is when and how fast will the transition happen? If you have thoughts or early experiences on any of this, we'd love to hear from you!

... David Sengupta

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