Iron Mountain’s New File Archiving Service

Iron Mountain announced a new hosted archiving service for files. Virtual File Store includes an on-premise appliance combined with hosted storage:

  • Information is moved to the appliance either via automation or manually.
  • Files are then automatically moved to secure cloud storage hosted by Iron Mountain.
  • It can be configured for any set of users.

The benefit of the service is to reduce the amount of storage on local file servers, while preserving data for the long term.

This new Iron Mountain offering fits well with the latest trends for electronic information retention and e-discovery. Organizations need to store files and other electronic information long term, and they want a means to reduce storage costs. One customer, quoted in the article, revealed that he reduced his total file storage from half a terabyte to 200GB, thereby lowering costs associated with local storage, backup, and maintenance.

There will be a plethora of new solutions that address the needs of long-term electronic storage, while reducing storage costs. Local storage solutions are also available. The business drivers are the need to preserve electronic information for the business content it contains, regulatory compliance, and legal discovery.

... Bob Spurzem

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