Archiving and e-Discovery to Support Social Networking?

When we think about archiving, email comes to mind first. For the majority of organizations, email archiving has become a standard application for managing email storage growth and for email discovery.

Archiving is now spreading to other forms of electronic communication, such as instant messaging, SharePoint, and files.

What about information in social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter? This is a new form of electronic data and it's too early to know its value for e-discovery. Keep an eye on social networking in your organization and monitor its use. If a significant amount of business content begins to show up in these channels, then it may be cause to consider some type of management and archiving.

If your organization has had a case where social networks data was discoverable, please post a comment. We are interested to see how this nascent challenge evolves.

... Bob Spurzem

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    Note: Vendor comment.

    We recently released ClearIM archiving to beta. ClearIM is an XMPP based IM service that gateways to public IM networks and Twitter. It also supports, FriendFeed and any other social network with an XMPP interface.

    Our email archiving service is picking up in popularity so ClearIM was designed with archiving as part of the solution. We see archiving as an essential part of any service that provides hosted messaging.

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