New Symantec CEO Presents Archiving Vision

Enrique Salem is the new CEO at Symantec. He is quickly charting a new course for the software giant. At the recent Storage Networking World (SNW), Salem touched on many topics with the audience, and his comments about the convergence of backup and archiving were of interest. "Why touch data more than once? Users should be able to migrate directly from backup to archives or vice versa under a single policy," Salem said. "We see backup and recovery and archive becoming features, ultimately with the same management interface."

He's right. Today things are messier. Symantec currently sells the top-selling backup solution for Exchange, Backup Exec, and it also sells the top-selling email archiving solution, Enterprise Vault. The inference is that at some point, one will go away.

Illustrations exist today of Mr. Salem's assertion. For example, Mimosa Systems has a combined backup and archiving solution for Microsoft Exchange, and is giving Enterprise Vault some interesting competition. Long term, presumably Microsoft will fix things. On April 15, it announced that MS Exchange will provide a unified view, for users and administrators, of archives and local and server-based storage; presumably backup is integrated.

... David Ferris

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