Cabinet NG Document Management

Cabinet NG makes document management and workflow software. We like what we know of this mean-and-lean firm:

  • Like a much easier-to-use version of the big document management products (Documentum, FileNet, etc.).
  • Attractive solution for SMEs.
  • On-premises and cloud-based versions.
  • Offers industry-specific configurations for finance, medical, insurance, distribution, and manufacturing verticals.
  • Over 50% of clients are in financial services or health care fields. Looks like compliance is a driver.
  • Ferris Research estimates Cabinet NG doing around $4M/year in revenues. Company is all self-financed and seems in a reasonably healthy state.
  • Typical pricing: $1K/user plus maintenance for on-prem; $70-$90/user/month for cloud-based.
  • Strengths:
    • A lot of functionality bundled rather than as extra-price options.
    • Easy to use and install.
    • Easy integration with other applications in Microsoft-centric environments.

... David Ferris

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