Quest’s E-Discovery Manager

Quest is working on a new product for e-discovery, Quest e-Discovery Manager. In summary:

  • Supports MS Exchange email. SharePoint and file servers planned for later versions.
  • Works on live Exchange 2003/7/10 and EDB files.
  • Works on Quest Archive Manager; support for other archives planned for later versions.
  • Workflows and access controls enable IT and legal side of house to work largely independently.
  • Lots of auditing so you can see who did what, when.
  • Emphasis is on early indexing and scoping of data, so only a minimal set of relevant information is extracted.
  • Main competitors likely to be Symantec, Mimosa, and Clearwell.
  • Will be available 3Q09.
  • Pricing tentatively $35/mailbox for perpetual license, plus optional maintenance.

Miscellaneous observations:

  • This is a good example of the trend to move e-discovery tools in-house. Currently, they are widely outsourced, and expensive.
  • Nice to hear about the efforts to allow internal IT and general counsel to go about their work independently, with points of overlap minimized.
  • The goal of minimizing the extracted set size is good. Major costs go into working on such extracts, so keeping them as relevant as possible is a big time and money saver. However, making sure extracts are as small as possible is extremely challenging. Search engines are usually much cruder than we'd like. This is an area we can expect ongoing innovations from vendors.
  • We look forward to a broader set of ESI being supported, beyond email.

To learn more, Quest is organizating an e-Discovery Virtual Expo on Wednesday, July 8, from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. EST. Register here, at no charge.

... David Ferris

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