Axceler’s Useful SharePoint Administrator Product

We had an update recently from Axceler, which makes ControlPoint, a useful administration tool for SharePoint:

  • Helps with a wide variety of SharePoint issues, such as:
    • Managing permissions
    • Monitoring and managing activity and storage and generally seeing what's happening
    • Moving and copying sites
  • Uses SharePoint security, so only one security infrastructure to manage.
  • Product first shipped in April 2008. See our commentary of that time here.
  • Axceler tells us it's doing well and is being well received. We are inclined to believe them.
  • The product won a Best of TechEd award recently. It's not clear that this really says much about the product, since the process by which most industry awards are granted is very haphazard.
  • Pricing seems reasonable. A perpetual license lists at $5K or $10K for the Web server component, plus around $0.50 to $1/user.
  • Axceler also sells a wide and successful range of Notes/Domino tools.
  • Axceler was formerly known as Percussion Software. It's been around for some 15 years, is self-funded, and profitable. We estimate revenues at $8M annually.

SharePoint has been out for several years and is already highly successful. Nevertheless, it's still crude in many ways. For example, email integration is dreadful, and the administration tools are still at early stages. So it's good for everyone that third parties such as Axceler are helping to fill the gaps. We encourage SharePoint support staff to take a look at ControlPoint.

... David Ferris

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