Jetico’s Military-Standard File Wipes

Jetico makes data encryption and file wiping technology.

The latter caught our eye. As readers may be aware, deleting a file is unlikely to really delete the information. Chunks of the information remain. It’s hard to get rid of information, and that's a security problem.

A growing number of vendors offer solutions to do deep/utter data erasure at the disk level. See our commentary on Blancco, to illustrate.

Jetico's BCWipe can do disk-level wipes, but it can do them at the file level as well. That's useful. There are many occasions on which one needs deep erasure of an individual file, when wiping an entire disk would be extremely inconvenient. Jetico says the algorithms used are those dictated by the U.S. Department of Defense. BCWipe Enterprise is for IT administrators, and provides centralized control for many separate PCs.

... David Ferris

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  1. Sami
    Posted June 25, 2009 at 10:14 AM | Permalink


    Have you come accross other vendors performing both automatic file level erasure as well as disk level?

    / Sami

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