Motorola Sells Good

Motorola recently completed its sale of Good Technology to Visto, a rival mobile email provider. Good Technology markets mobile messaging software and services for synchronizing corporate email on a variety of devices, as well as a variety of other products targeted at the mobile enterprise worker.

The market for corporate push email is now effectively a two-vendor race. The current market leader is Research In Motion. The other is Microsoft's ActiveSync. RIM supports its BlackBerry devices, and ActiveSync supports a multitude of mobile devices and mail servers such as Exchange Server, Critical Path, PostPath, Kerio, Scalix, and Zimbra.

For many organizations, mobile email support is now much simpler than it was: Support is provided for both BlackBerry and a variety of smart phones with ActiveSync. The employee picks which one he or she prefers.

Good's market value was thus fading away, and the sale is no surprise.

... Bob Spurzem

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