LiveOffice CloudMerge for Mimosa NearPoint: Hybrid On-Prem and Cloud Archiving

LiveOffice (cloud-based archiving)and Mimosa (on-premises archiving) announced an interesting collaboration:

  • LiveOffice CloudMerge for Mimosa NearPoint lets Mimosa customers seamlessly push some or all of their on-premises archive into LiveOffice's cloud-based archive.
  • The upload-to-cloud interface is tightly integrated with that of Mimosa.
  • The pricing is proportional to the number of mailboxes put onto the archive. It's independent of the amount of storage used, and how long archived material is kept. Contact either of the vendors for detailed pricing.
  • LiveOffice is profitable and privately held. 2008 revenues were $23M.


  • This is a good idea. It's immediately valuable for Mimosa customers. It lets them:
    • Provide third-party access to the archive; e.g., to facilitate opposing counsel discovery, or to satisfy Freedom of Information requests.
    • Offload storage management to a third party. Storage technology is changing rapidly and is something of a pain to administer, so in principle the idea of offloading the job to a specialist makes sense.
  • It's a smart move by Mimosa. It lets the company deliver a short-term solution for this need. Longer term, presumably Mimosa will provide its own external-access solution.
  • Most on-premises email archiving systems provide services to allow within-the-firewall access to the archive. They provide no, or poor, access for external third parties. A typical approach today is to filter out the required corpus, put it on a DVD, and FedEx out the disk. It's labor-intensive, slow, and inflexible.
  • The right way to provide external third-party access is clearly via a rich browser interface. Expect many on-premises archiving vendors to develop such solutions over the next two or three years.

... David Ferris

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  1. Posted July 28, 2009 at 6:54 AM | Permalink

    I am not sure you were suggesting otherwise, but Mimosa NearPoint does allow external access to the archive for end-users. The archive interface is a .NET 3.5 web app served up by IIS on the NearPoint server itself, and for external access is usually encrypted via SSL.

    I agree that this is a good move for Mimosa. The storage management for their customers seems to cause more pain than it ought to considering the relatively simple architecture (once you grasp the way NearPoint functions).

    Leave it to humans to make things more complicated than they ought to be 😉

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