AtMail: Extremely Inexpensive Email Appliance

AtMail offers an email appliance:

  • Provides POP/IMAP server, Webmail client, email archiving.
  • Linux-based with open standard components.
  • Pricing is a one-time license. Base product is $300; then per-user cost which is typically $0.10/user/year.
  • Appearance can be customized.
  • Professional services also available.
  • AtMail is privately held, with no external funding, and is profitable. Ferris Research estimates revenues at $1M to $2M/year.
  • Customers include ISPs, education, health care organizations.


  • You can see that this offering would be especially attractive to ISPs in developing countries, with extremely tight budgets. AtMail clients include ISPs in such places as Yemen, Rwanda, Pakistan, and often sends an engineer to customer sites for a week for implementation support.
  • Your editor loves to go to developing countries and position with AtMail.
  • This company sounds like fun. CTO Jason Brown lives in Montana, and CEO Ben Duncan likes to go off to the Australian outback with solar panels and satellite links. All the same, I bet they work very very hard.

... David Ferris

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