Sparxent Acquires Cemaphore

According to this eWeek article, IT solution provider Sparxent has recently completed the acquistion of Cemaphore. Both companies are based in Salt Lake City.

Cemaphore's core expertise has been around MAPI-based synchronization technologies, historically focused on its MailShadow continuous replication product. Over recent months Cemaphore has expanded its offerings to include synchronization between on-premises Exchange and both Google Apps and Microsoft's Exchange Online offerings. Client-side and server-side solutions exist.

Sparxent has been focused on providing IT solutions for the midmarket, spanning software, hardware, and IT consulting. Previous acquisitions by Sparxent have included NetworkD, Arbyte Group, and XAware.

Sparxent's focus on the midmarket goes after an attractive, massive, and underserved market segment. However, it is too early to see how and if Sparxent's offerings and capabilities as a company will be able to gain the volume they need in this market to become a significant player. And it will be interesting to see what happens to the MailShadow family of products within Sparxent.

... David Sengupta

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