The Size of the Archiving Market

What's the size of the market for packaged archiving software? We estimate it at about $650 million annually. We expect it to grow at about 20% annually for the next few years. In short:

  • 2009 revenues: $650M
  • 2010 revenues: $780M
  • 2011 revenues: $940M
  • 2012 revenues: $1,125M
  • 2013 revenues: $1,350m

We estimate that the current market leader, Symantec/Enterprise Vault, is doing about $325M annually. That probably amounts for half of industry revenues.

All comments welcomed--please post them below.

... David Ferris

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    I’m becoming a big fan of as I read more on your site.

    How does your estimate of $325 Million for Enterprise Vault reconcile with the $197 Million from this Symantec July 30, 2009 announcement?

    ” During the first quarter of fiscal year 2010, the company modified its segment reporting structure to more readily match its operating structure. The following modifications were made to the segment reporting structure: Enterprise Vault products were moved to the Storage and Server Management segment from the Security and Compliance segment, and the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings were moved to either the Security and Compliance or the Storage and Server Management segment from the Services segment based on the nature of the service delivered.
    Fiscal year 2009 Enterprise Vault revenue of $197 million and fiscal year 2009 SaaS revenue of $51 million was moved. ”



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    Chris–Thanks, good point. You question the $325 revenue estimate for Enterprise Vault.

    Symantec’s financial year ends March 31. So the $197M may refer to the revenues for April 08 to Mar 09.

    All the same, the $325M current run rate estimate for Symantec looks high. Maybe I should revise it down to $250M. In which case, I’d revise the archiving market size as follows:
    * 2009-$250M
    * 2010-$300M
    * 2011-$360M
    * 2012-$430M
    * 2013-$520M

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    I agree that the $197MM refers to April 08 to March 09.

    The rumors I’ve heard put the current “EV” run rate at $250MM for EV. (I’m guessing the difference between $197MM and $250MM is support, maintenance, and/or professional services, which may not have been moved when Symantec adjusted its business sectors. However I should state clearly that I don’t have that detail, I’m only guessing.)

    Sounds like EV may be impacted by the world economy, which would not be a surprise to many people. Archiving is not “optional” when you need it but it can look “optional” to a desperate CFO at a customer who is trying to make payroll.


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