Is Corporate Espionage Affecting You?

Corporate espionage is the kind of thing most of us have read about in spy novels, but not something we regularly talk about in our IT planning sessions. Yet according to USA Today, corporate spying is more prevalent than we typically hear of, since most of its victims avoid the embarrassment that would come from their mishaps being in the limelight.

We'd like to hear from you. According to the Cyber-Ark survey referenced by the USA Today article, "74% of the 200 information technology pros surveyed know how to circumvent security to access sensitive data, and 35% admitted doing so without permission." Is this consistent with your experience? Has your company been hit with "spy bugs" such as the UHF-transmitting USB cable, pen listening devices, or other bugs? At Ferris we have provided in-depth coverage around data leak protection (DLP) systems and email security, but would like to get a sense of how widespread these "spy bug" experiences have been among our readers.

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... David Sengupta

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