Rumor: Quest Withdraws From E-Disco, De-Emphasizes Archiving?

We hear from a usually reliable source, that:

  • Quest is discontinuing its eDiscovery module
  • There will be no additional development on the Archive Manager product
  • It is not clear, though, that the MAPI-based stubbing offering will be completely discontinued: at least not yet. Quest pulled itself out of the running for a very large opportunity where they had the inside track, so it’s probably only a matter of time

Generally, Quest's archiving offering has not been as visible as you'd expect, given Quest's status. Perhaps that supports the rumor.

Can anyone else advise on this? If you want anonymity, email and let us know you want anonymity.

... David Ferris

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  1. Posted August 14, 2009 at 4:45 PM | Permalink

    Hi David,

    In response to your most recent blog post regarding Quest, I wanted to confirm and reiterate that Quest is still a strong player in both the
    e-Discovery and Archiving space.

    -Archive Manager continues to be developed, sold and supported by Quest Software

    -Archive Manager offers many features in support of e-Discovery

    -Archive Manager is the go forward platform for future e-Discovery development

    Look for a major announcement coming soon regarding Archive Manager’s selection as the e-mail archive solution for a major, national vertical industry!

    We would be happy to set up a briefing to discuss these facts further.


    Michael Tweddle

    Sr. Director of Product Management, Quest Software

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