Vericept Sold?

We're hearing rumours that data leak prevention vendor Vericept is about to be sold to an accounting firm, with an announcement on September 15.

Most DLP vendors have now been acquired. Eg McAfee bought Reconnex in 8/08, RSA/EMC bought Tablus in 8/07, Websense bought PortAuthority in 1/07. The market's been rather disappointing: DLP revenues have been much lower than expected.

...David Ferris

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    Anonymous comment:

    Why would anyone, in their right mind, sell in this climate? Valuations are in the toilet all around due to macro-economic nastiness. This must be a mercy killing.

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    DLP vendors were largely selling into financial services and related markets. As those imploded, DLP vendors watched their revenues dry up. Selling in this market is generally deemed a better option than simply turning the lights out and going home. Generally.

    As we’ve said in past, end-to-end DLP is an extremely difficult proposition in practice to enforce, especially when you’re trying to protect against intentional leaks, as opposed to simply inadvertent ‘accidents’ commonplace in notoriously leaky apps like e-mail and instant messaging.


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