eFolder Acquires DoubleCheck Email Manager

eFolder recently completed its acquisition of the DoubleCheck Email Manager solution portfolio from Network Management Group.

As interest in cloud computing continues to grow, more and more vendors are turning to managed service providers (MSPs) as a channel to reach hosted messaging customers. eFolder has historically provided white-labeled backup and archiving solutions to MSPs wishing to offer hosted cloud-based backup or hosted archiving solutions for customers. It runs a network of secure private cloud data centers. Similar vendors include Asigra, Mozy, and Carbonite.

eFolder customers typically deploy an appliance that connects to the cloud for backup and archiving purposes. The addition of DoubleCheck Email Manager provides eFolder with another appliance offering that performs email hygiene and policy enforcement. Indications are that eFolder will merge the technologies into a unified monitoring and management interface.

This acquisition paves the way for eFolder to provide simple, end-to-end encryption for customers wishing to move their backups and email archives to eFolder's cloud. As we have written previously, security of hosted data--be that email or email archives--is a major concern preventing many customers from moving to the cloud. Having an on-premises appliance gateway could provide an elegant yet simple solution to give these customers the encryption they want in a simple manner. Obviously eFolder also has the added benefit of cross-selling into the thousands of DoubleCheck customers that have come along with this acquisition.

David Sengupta

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