Smarsh Outage: Small Fire, No One Hurt

Last Friday (February 19), the chattering classes were gossiping about how cloud archiving vendor Smarsh had its Web site and phone lines down. Had the company suddenly gone down the toilet?

Everything was in fact OK. The company's Ken Anderson told us:

  • We had technical issues this morning that created some intermittent access to some of our services for some of our clients. No customer data has been lost or compromised – all back-end operations have been operating business as usual. Service has been restored, and steps are being taken to ensure that this sort of thing doesn't happen again.
  • The situation was exacerbated for us because it also affected our phones and Web site. Unfortunately, with the phone and Web site down, conditions were ripe for speculation. We have had an all-hands-on-deck client outreach effort today, making sure to communicate the status. (And as the communications rep, trust me, we are addressing these circumstances as well!)

So no real news here. It does illustrate, obviously, that cloud vendors need to have an extremely reliable offering. There is almost no tolerance for downtime.

... David Ferris

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