Intermedia Hosted Exchange Adds Telephony

Hosted Exchange vendor Intermedia has added integrated telephony to its offering. The focus is on sales to SMBs, up to around 1,000 seats.


  • Hitherto the offering has consisted of email, IM, fax, and SharePoint.
  • This is the first time we've heard of a hosted email offering providing integrated telephony.
  • Telephony doesn't require high bandwidth. However, it does require short latency. Packets need to get through reasonably quickly. Think of Skype's periodic problems. Latency isn't a problem if the packets go over an in-house network. But when they go over the public Internet, as they will with SMBs, quality of service becomes an issue. Time is on Intermedia's side, and by 2020 latency shouldn't be a problem for voice throughout the world.
  • Intermedia is one of the few hosted Exchange vendors to be making money. The company is privately held and doesn't disclose revenues, but we estimate its hosted Exchange revenues at around $40M annually.
  • For more information, go here.

... David Ferris

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    “Integrated telephony” to me means unified communications (UC), which will add integrated, presence-based “click-to-call” capabilities to all forms of messaging and information. Such ‘on demand” voice connections will work more efficiently over SIP networks, so that will be a prerequisite for the new service. Add in the use of personal mobile smart-phones, and you can see how the pieces can fit together effectively. The question then is who will control network access for such services, the carriers or the business application providers.

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