Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange Ships

Google announced the Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange tool as part of its ongoing battle to woo Exchange customers over to Google Apps.

The tool provides a simple mechanism for small companies wishing to take the leap to Google Apps. Users can upload a comma separated values (.csv) file to Google with the names of users to be migrated. Options include:

  • Migrate all messages or only new messages
  • Migrate some/all of email, contacts, calendar, deleted items, and junk email
  • Migrate only mail that meets certain sent or received date ranges

Migrations can be throttled to only a given number of users simultaneously; for example, in the case of limited bandwidth. Simple progress indicators monitor the migration, with info- and failure-level error logging possible.

Caveats are that the tool performs a simple one-way data migration, and lacks the following:

  • Coexistence for migrations that last more than a weekend
  • Project management capabilities for mid- to large-sized migrations
  • Migration reporting
  • Ability to schedule a migration

Small companies that are confident that Google Apps will meet their needs and that can migrate in a weekend will be happy with this tool. Larger companies will want to look for partner solutions.

... David Sengupta. In addition to his role as Ferris analyst, David is chief architect for Quest Software, and has been a Microsoft Exchange MVP since 1998.

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  1. Anup Gandhi
    Posted April 1, 2010 at 5:13 PM | Permalink


    Even Persistent Systems has a tool for performing Exchange to Google Apps migration and apart from supporting the features mentioned above it also supports on premise AD integration (users can be selected for migration), extensive logging (finding the issues is easier) etc. The tool has already been used number of times for migration of production data and lately migrated 16K mailboxes over one weekend for one of the customers.

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