Collaborate on PowerPoint Documents

It's not easy to work collaboratively on PowerPoint documents. Basic tools such as change tracking and versioning are not built in.

SharedDoc has just announced a solution:

  • Users can post comments and discuss presentations.
  • One person retains control and makes edits.
  • Comments are made via a Web browser.
  • The tool is mainly aimed at cases where at least three people need to review and make comments.
  • Initially free.
  • Web-based service.

MS Word's tracking capabilities are well known. After several edits, the tracking quickly becomes unwieldy. All the same, it's a valuable set of tools, and something glaringly missing from PowerPoint. SharedDoc's technology appears to be the only tool specifically designed to support collaborative PowerPoint development. It's especially valuable when large numbers of people must review a document.

... David Ferris

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