Microsoft Launches Turtle and Pure Phones on April 12th?

Microsoft appears ready to launch its Turtle and Pure phones at an April 12th event themed “it’s time to share” in San Francisco. Invitations were sent out to press and analysts with a focus on the mobile phone market.

We agree with the author of this article on TechSpot that the timing of this event is intended to detract from Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 4.0 operating system.

If rumors are true, these devices will be positioned as social networking hubs that resemble a hybrid of a touchscreen Apple iPhone and a Microsoft Zune. If Microsoft provides a low price-point, we predict these devices will start appearing in small and midsize organizations sometime soon – bringing new challenges to companies striving to achieve data leak protection or other forms of compliance. With many companies starting to push mobile device costs back to their users, this further accentuates the challenges of mobile device management.

... David Sengupta

In addition to his role as Ferris analyst, David is Chief Architect for Quest Software, and has been a Microsoft Exchange MVP since 1998.

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