Perry Clarke’s New “Ask Perry” Exchange Blog

It's not every day that a new world-class Exchange blog pops up. We were excited to hear that Microsoft's Perry Clarke has started a blog, called "Ask Perry." Perry has been part of the Exchange product group at Microsoft for 13 years. I first met Perry while researching Exchange 2000 beta storage group design decisions back in 1999. He is currently general manager for the Exchange Mailbox Engineering team. Perry is one of the smartest folks I know on the Exchange team, and he's not afraid to tell it like it is.

In his inaugural blog, Perry talks about managing storage efficiently. Assuming Perry keeps his blog up, we expect this will become one of the top Exchange storage blogs.

David Sengupta ~ In addition to his role as Ferris analyst, David is chief architect for Quest Software, and has been a Microsoft Exchange MVP since 1998.

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