Mainsoft’s Notes/SharePoint Integration

Mainsoft's SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes is a useful way to make Notes work with SharePoint. For example, within Notes, you can:

  • Access and publish emails and documents on SharePoint, without having to switch applications.
  • Collaborate on documents using Sametime.
  • Send document links rather than attachments, reducing email storage.
  • Update document fields to comply with SharePoint taxonomy and governance requirements.
  • Tap into the enterprise social network on SharePoint to collaborate with colleagues or find people (the beta will be available in Q2).
  • Manage SharePoint team events from an integrated Lotus Notes calendar view.


  • Notes customers want to implement a shared workspace environment. In early 2008, it seemed the way to go was with Lotus' Quickr offering.
  • However, Microsoft SharePoint has become the mainstream shared workspace platform, so many Notes users prefer to use this instead of Quickr.

... David Ferris

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