Autonomy Problems?

I've had a few random conversations about problems at Autonomy recently. For example:

  • See various adverse comments here. Caveats: 1) This Web site is run by Martin Tuip, who works for Iron Mountain/Mimosa, which competes with Autonomy. 2) The comments are spread over 2008 to 2010.
  • A major Zantaz client comments that, for the EAS on-premises archiving product, support is awful, documentation inadequate, product direction unclear, IDOL integration is proving difficult, and account managers seem to have little influence inside Autonomy.
  • Autonomy seems to be making excessive use of accounting sleight of hand to make its financials seem better than they are: See our recent bulletin, Autonomy Cooking Books?.

While certainly not a statistically reliable way of inferring troubles, but my sense is that things are amiss at Autonomy.

Does anyone else have thoughts? Please comment, or contact me at or +1 (415) 367-3436. If you want anonymity, indicate that and we won't reveal your identity.

... David Ferris

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