More Autonomy Gossip

Had an interesting conversation recently with someone close to the EAS/Zantaz/Autonomy on-premises archiving product. In summary:

  • Support for EAS/Zantaz has become very poor since Autonomy acquired the product.
  • It appears Autonomy has little interest in the product.
  • However, an Exchange 2010 version is now available. The development efforts for this are nontrivial, so contrary to the prior bullet, that indicates Autonomy does have some interest in the product.
  • Autonomy doesn't provide product roadmaps, which makes it still harder to tell what's happening with EAS/Zantaz.
  • EAS/Zantaz is not strong in localization--notably searches that use non-English/American characters.
  • It took Autonomy two years to make its Idol search work with EAS, but now it's working well.
  • Systems integrator Capex is hiring lots of people with EAS/Zantaz skills. Maybe they could purchase the product from Autonomy.

... David Ferris, with thanks to the contributor

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