Double Byte Support for Email Archiving

Email archiving is a worldwide application for many organizations. The result is the need for double byte support for languages such as Chinese and Japanese.  Before you make Chinese and Japanese a must-have requirement, consider that: Chinese and Japanese (and other tokenized/symbol-based languages) are very difficult to index and search properly. After English, your next […]... read more »

Exchange 2010 Fills Legal Hold Gap, Sort-Of

With Exchange 2010, Microsoft added a new feature for legal holds that was sorely missing in previous versions of Exchange. It makes Exchange more manageable for legal discovery. Microsoft took an unusual tack when designing the legal hold. It chose to leverage the Deleted Items folder.  For Exchange 2010 the Deleted Items folder and its underlying […]... read more »

Email Entitled to 4th Amendment Protection

The US Federal Courts recently ruled that email held by an ISP Server is subject to the protections of the Fourth Amendment. This is an important ruling that clearly puts email on the same level as letters and phone calls as a viable and well accepted form of personal communication. The role of the Fourth […]... read more »

SharePoint Draws New File-Sharing Competition

A major reason to use SharePoint is that it helps users share files. However, cloud-based file sharing is going mainstream. To illustrate, consider two offerings with different approaches. They’re both attractive alternatives to SharePoint, if your motivation is file sharing: DropBox implemented file sharing cleverly by designing its interface to integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft […]... read more »

Hidden Costs of Hosted Email Archiving

Leading suppliers of hosted email archiving are telling customers that for a flat monthly fee, their users have “unlimited storage.” This is too good to be true. Read the fine print and you are sure to find an “acceptable use clause” that protects the vendor against excessive use. This makes perfect sense. There are hard […]... read more »