Google+ Is Major Competition for Facebook

Google+ is very impressive. I reckon Facebook is toast:

  • The integration with other Google services will be a key strategic
    advantage, that Facebook will not be able to match.
  • The Circles approach to privacy control is neat and puts control of
    sharing with the sender in a clean and easy to manage way. Widely aired
    privacy concerns with Facebook will help fuel the already spectacular growth of the invitation only G+ service.
  • The asymmetric model (like Twitter) will usually work better. It removes the need for "hand shaking" on setup, and subsequent issues of de-friending.
  • You can watch who you want, and the sender gets to choose who sees what Photo integration is increasingly important and already better than Facebook. Convergence with Picasa is likely to help G+ to extend its lead.
  • The UI is really well done and clean. I found it much easier to use and
    understand than Facebook.

Facebook has a lot of users and enormous network effect strengths. All the same, I don't think this will save it from going the way of MySpace.

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  1. Posted September 12, 2011 at 8:10 PM | Permalink

    Not much competitor, Facebook is much better then google+, they develop a new thing with a total poor looks….

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