Outpost Security Gets More Stable with Release Candidate for Version 7.5.2

Latest enhancements bolster malware protection and proactive security... read more »

Vringo Announces New Version of Facetones App That Includes Enhanced Text Messaging

Vringo Expands Facetones App Functionality to Enable Dynamic Slideshow Pictures on Incoming Text Messages... read more »

Glabber, a Social Networking Phoenix Rises

The Social Networking site Glabber is transforming social networking, making your voice heard, and giving the power to the people.... read more »

Social Networking: Open Is The New Closed

It’s a paradox that sites advocating collaboration are inherently closed. Stanford’s MobiSocial team says we can do better.... read more »

What The FBI Wants In A Social Media Monitoring App

The FBI has raised eyebrows in the tech world with a public document that asks for advice on how to harvest information from social networking sites.... read more »

TigerText Secures More Than $8 Million in New Funding

TigerText Inc., the leading provider of secure mobile messaging for healthcare enterprises, has completed a second round of funding of $8.2 million, bringing the company’s total backing to more than $10 million.... read more »

New ZyLAB eDiscovery Cloud Collectors Retrieve Messages, Calendar Items, and Contacts from Microsoft Office 365 and Other Web-based eMail

Supported Sources Include Microsoft Exchange Online, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail... read more »

WatchGuard Launches New Security Appliance for Small Businesses

New WatchGuard XTM 33 Appliance Hailed as the “Ultimate Small Business Firewall”... read more »

Malware Creation Hit a New Record High in 2011 with 26 Million Samples

PandaLabs, the antimalware laboratory of Panda Security, has released its 2011 Annual Security Report, which details an extremely interesting year of data theft, social networking attacks and cyber-warfare. According to the report, malware creation hit a new record high in 2011 with 26 million new strains in circulation, nearly one-third of all malware that has ever existed and been classified by the company (88 million).... read more »

Number of the Week: 780 New Malicious Programs Designed to Steal Users’ Online Banking Data Detected Every Day

According to Kaspersky Security Network data, over the last three months Trojan bankers have been detected on an average of 2000 unique users’ computers every day.... read more »

Kaspersky Lab Granted New US Patent Covering Technology for Detection of Previously Unknown Malware Components

Read full article here.... read more »

Kaspersky Lab Granted New Patent in the US Covering Active Infection Treatment Technology

Read full article here.... read more »

ESET Releases BETA Versions of ESET Endpoint Security Suite and ESET Endpoint Security, the Fifth Generation of its Business Solutions

Utilizing multiple layers of malware detection, boasting the ThreatSense scanning engine, ESET Live Grid—the in the cloud file reputation service, the next generation ESET Endpoint Security solutions deliver industry-leading proactive protection against emerging threats.... read more »

Attackers Use Fake Friends to Blend into Facebook

Barracuda Labs Unveils New Research Study Analyzing Facebook Profiles... read more »

GSX Announces Enhanced Microsoft Exchange Support

Latest GSX Monitor & Analyzer Release Features Plug and Play Ease of Use, Delivery of In-Depth Metrics Throughout Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint... read more »

Index Engines To Release Octane 4.3 With Extraordinary

New Version Features Bit-Level Email Preservation and High Speed Indexing of Forensic Images... read more »

Donoma Software Launches Unify 8 for Lotus Notes

Donoma Software announced the launch of its latest mobile connectivity application: Donoma Unify 8 for Lotus Notes. It’s the first product to provide multi-directional synchronization between Cisco’s Unity Connection voicemail platform and IBM’s Lotus Notes e-mail.... read more »

Recommind Delivers Seamless eDiscovery With Axcelerate eDiscovery 4.3

Hybrid Approach to eDiscovery Maximizes Efficiency and Ease-of-Use, While Providing On-Premise and Cloud-Based Solutions on the Same CORE Platform... read more »

Guidance Software Expands EnCase eDiscovery Cloud Support

Leading e-Discovery Software Expands Collection to All Popular Cloud-based Email Services... read more »

Comodo Cleaning Essentials Identifies and Removes Malware and Unsafe Processes From Infected Computers

Free, Fast and Easy-to-Use Software — Recently Named PC Magazine Editor’s Choice — Spotlights Comodo’s Unique Focus on Addressing Cleaning and Protecting With Specific Security Solutions... read more »

Messaging and eMail Giants Unite Against Phishing

15 major Internet firms have launched a joint project to make it harder to get “phishing” e-mails through to recipients. The plan involves the firms labeling their messages in a way that is much harder for scammers to emulate.... read more »

Messaging Architects Adds Secure Email Encryption Technology to the Netmail Platform

Netmail SecureSend helps organizations secure email communications and enables users to securely exchange email messages and attachments.... read more »

The Rise of the Social Customer – Will 2012 Be the Year of the Social Company?

The modern social customer has little time or respect for traditional company structures and expects to interact with brands on their own terms on through their favored platforms, according to new research.... read more »

The Twitter Counterrevolution

As goes Twitter, so goes the Internet. Can online activists beat government hackers?... read more »

Why we welcome Google as Big Brother

George Orwell’s vision of a surveillance society, laid out in his classic “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” is coming true.... read more »

SocialLogix and DigitalMailer Partner to Deliver Social Media Compliance Solutions to Financial Institutions

Strategic Agreement Will Deliver Market-Leading Solutions Designed to Manage the Risk from Social Media and Maintain Compliance for Credit Unions and Banks... read more »

Twitter Boycott Planned To Protest Twitter’s Censorship Plan

Twitter announced that it can now block tweets, as well as individual accounts, from appearing to users in specific countries, and that it may use the feature to comply with governments’ request to censor information.... read more »

Social Media vs. eMail—Are We Asking The Right Questions?

While announcing the death of e-mail is a bit premature, it’s absolutely a reality that the paradigm of communication has changed.... read more »

Special Forces Get Social in New Psychological Operation Plan

The elite forces of the U.S. military think they’ve found a new way to sway opinion in the Pentagon’s preferred directions: a voice-based social networking app that’s a cross between talk radio and Twitter.... read more »

Pope Embraces Twitter, But Cautions Balance

In a subtle nod to Twitter, Pope Benedict XVI said in his World Communication Day address, “In concise phrases, often no longer than a verse from the Bible, profound thoughts can be communicated, as long as those taking part in the conversation do not neglect to cultivate their own inner lives.”... read more »

Security Whitepaper: Google Apps Messaging and Collaboration Products

This Google paper will explain the ways Google creates a security-based platform for offering its Google Apps
products, covering topics like information security, physical security and operational security.... read more »

The iPad Invasion: Leveraging SharePoint for Mobile Enterprise Security—Wednesday, February 22nd

Join Ernst & Young’s mobile data security expert, Matthias Bandemer, as he explores the security challenges presented by mobile devices in the workplace, with a focus on leveraging your existing SharePoint infrastructure to secure corporate data on the iPad.... read more »

OpenText Becomes First Major Vendor to Achieve VERS Certification for Records Management on Microsoft SharePoint 2010

OpenText becomes first major ECM vendor to achieve VERS certification for its records management solution with Microsoft SharePoint 2010.... read more »

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Negotiating Hosted VoIP

One of the main reasons for the explosive growth in VoIP service is the available cost savings. These cost savings come from a number of advantages that VoIP has over traditional phone service. In this whitepaper, we will explore some of these cost-saving advantages and give you the top 10 questions to ask a provider, ensuring you get a reliable, feature-rich business phone system that can save you thousands each year.... read more »

Social Networking Is a Must

All the things that make social media so attractive to users – the personalization, the ease with which information can be shared, and the real-time nature of the medium – pose significant risks to your business. Learn the the top four risks you face when you use social networking.... read more »