1996 Ferris Reseach News Bulletins

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Synchronica Launches Unity Messaging Platform

Mobile messaging specialist Synchronica has now launched Unity, its cross-platform unified messaging service that allows users to see and send all types of messages from a single view.... read more »

Mavenir Launches Mobile Cloud Messaging Solution

A core network solution and white label mobile app for operators to launch rich messaging services and compete against OTT players... read more »

SMS Still Dominates Mobile Messaging

Analyst firm Ovum says that there is no doubt that SMS is currently a sound revenue stream. However, the firm’s report – ‘Casualties of Social Messaging’- reveals, that there is an increasing shift towards IP based messaging.... read more »

Acision Announces its Enterprise Messaging Network – the First Dedicated Messaging Platform Connecting Businesses to Consumers

The Acision Enterprise Network provides a single point of entry to connect operators, businesses and consumers, while delivering universal capabilities, reach and reliability for measurable campaigns and communication via text.... read more »

Google: Security for Google Apps Messaging & Collaboration

This paper will explain the ways Google creates a security-based platform for offering its Google Apps products, covering topics like information security, physical security and operational security. This exploration will demonstrate how security is an integral component of Google’s cloud computing system, as well as a core element of Google’s design and development processes.... read more »

Muse: Reviving Memories with eMail Archives

Muse is a consumer-oriented product we’ve just heard of that lets you sift through an email archive to dig up your personal memories. Looks sort of interesting—DF... read more »

How to Spot Rogue Anti-Malware Products: What You Need to Know Before You Click

There are hundreds of rogue anti-malware products on the Internet that infect PCs rather than detect malware. Much of the scareware is sophisticated and appears legitimate, including stolen graphics and verbiage from top-brand products. But don’t be taken. Learn how these scams look and work and how to prevent your computer from becoming infected.... read more »

Hosted eMail: How to Build in Security, Compliance, and Redundancy

This paper will discuss the many drivers for organizations looking at moving email to the cloud. It will highlight some of the shortcomings and pitfalls of these hosted solutions and provide important considerations for organizations looking to move their infrastructure to a hosted solution.... read more »

Update for Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange Servers Provides Better E-mail Security with Cloud Support

This major update for Kaspersky Lab’s corporate e-mail security solution brings a number of new features aimed at better manageability and more efficient protection from spam... read more »

Report from Zenprise Cloud Offers Details on Corporate Adoption of Mobile Devices

Zenprise, Inc., released a report that sheds new light on how enterprise organizations are embracing the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) to work trend.... read more »

Businesses That Use eMail Marketing And Social Media Achieve 28% Higher eMail Open Rates, According To VerticalResponse User Data

First in a series of analyses indicates strong correlation between social media and email marketing effectiveness... read more »

44 Percent of U.S. Businesses Say Their Networks Have Been Breached Due to Malware-Laden Spam

Majority of companies rely on the anti-spam features in their antivirus software; very few have yet to adopt cloud-based anti-spam solutionS... read more »

Striata Welcomes DMARC, a New Standard for eMail Authentication

Striata, a leading provider and innovator of email bill presentment and payment solutions has welcomed the introduction of DMARC – Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance – a standard for email authentication... read more »

LISTSERV eMail Communities Change and Save Lives

LISTSERV and email fulfill a fundamental human need – the need to form communities and share ideas, experiences, joy and pain.... read more »

Axway Introduces Social Enterprise Survival Guide

Axway introduced its Social Enterprise Survival Guide, designed to serve as a blueprint for what CIOs need to consider when incorporating social technologies, the survival guide explores key considerations to ensure the highest levels of security, compliance and visibility into business interactions.... read more »

Video Sites Pose Highest Risk of Malicious Links in 2011

Kaspersky Lab’s annual report on the evolution of IT threats and spam found that dubious links were widespread on open-access sites, and also highlighted the on-going use of social network spam and black search engine optimization.... read more »

Good Technology and Nokia to Deliver Secure Enterprise Messaging on Lumia Smartphones

Good for Enterprise Brings Secure eMail and Business Applications to Lumia 800, Lumia 710 and Lumia 900... read more »

Zarafa Brings Browser-Based Enterprise Collaboration Client to CeBIT

The WebApp and its plugins deliver a browser-based enterprise collaboration client that goes beyond Outlook. Plug-ins will vary from chat and web meetings to social media such as Facebook and Google+. Multi-user week calendaring and advanced delegation distinguishes WebApp from other web mail clients.... read more »

Symantec Report Finds New Wave of Cyber-attacks Impersonating Business Mediation and Arbitration Service and Volume of Spam Increases Around Valentine’s Day

Businesses are being targeted with emails purporting to originate from the US Better Business Bureau, socially engineered to suggest that a complaint had been filed against the organization and the details of the complaint could be found in the file attachment, which would lead to a PDF file that contains an embedded executable or a URL that leads to the malware... read more »

OPSWAT Launches New Desktop Isolation Technology for Secure Browsing | OPSWAT Blog

OPSWAT today announced the launch of a new desktop isolation solution that allows users to securely access sensitive data while privately and anonymously browsing the web from any computer.... read more »

Microsoft Outlines Evolved Security, Privacy and Reliability Strategies for Cloud and Big Data: Trustworthy Computing Next advocates for continued focus amid new computing inflection points.

Trustworthy Computing Next advocates for continued focus amid new computing inflection points.... read more »

M86 Security Expands Malware Prevention and Content Security Strategy and Announces New Targeted Attacks Service

Company moves malware prevention and threat intelligence capabilities into the cloud for strategic integration into all of its core Web and email solutions... read more »

The Menace on Your Mobile – Six Times as Much Malware Found In 2011

Kaspersky Lab data shows that the number of malicious programs targeting mobile devices increased 6.4 times in 2011 with a total of 5,255 new modifications and 178 new families identified throughout the year.... read more »

Do Social Technologies Cause Less eMail

Read full article here.... read more »

Guidance Software and FireEye Ally To Eliminate Advanced Malware

FireEye Malware Protection System and EnCase Cybersecurity take the malware incident response cycle from weeks to minutes... read more »

Commtouch Launches Enhanced Antivirus for eMail Solution

Dual Approach Solution Combines Zero-Hour Cloud-Based Detection with High-Performance Antivirus... read more »

Bitdefender Mobile Security Enters OEM World

Mobile Security SDK and Rebranding solutions let partners offer smart antivirus for Android... read more »

ArcMail Takes Aim at Enterprise Information Archiving Retrieval Speeds with Customer-Driven Social Media Contest | ArcMail Email Archiving & Retention

Information Archiving Innovator Rewards Growing Base of Social Media Followers and Announces February Twitter Contest... read more »

Study: Enterprise Social Networks Failing to Meet Expectations

Enterprise social networking (ESN) software can improve communication and collaboration among employees, but most companies aren’t implementing and using these products properly, leading to unmet goals, according to a new study.... read more »

Pew Report Finds People are Getting More Privacy-Savvy on Social Networks, Prune Friend Lists

Whether it’s pruning friends lists, removing unwanted comments or restricting access to their profiles, Americans are getting more privacy-savvy on social networks, a new report found.... read more »

Social Media In 2012 Elections Will Make 2008 Look Like Digital Dark Ages

Forget all the jibber-jabber in this presidential campaign about policy and strategy. The highlight for me of this election cycle came when the Obama campaign released its Spotify playlist a couple of weeks ago.... read more »

ISI Announces Partnership with Sonian

ISI’s new business unit, SaveIt, is now the master distributor of Sonian Archiving in APAC... read more »

Mimecast Channel Growth Gathers Pace with New Partnerships

Mimecast has also penned new partnerships with Microsoft partners Content and Code, Parative Ltd, and Polymorph Ltd, all of whom are working with Mimecast to help more customers migrate to Exchange 2010 and Office 365.... read more »

Mimecast Chief Scientist to Keynote at Event Commemorating 20th Anniversary of Internet Email Attachments | EON: Enhanced Online News

MIME Protocol made it easy for general public just discovering the Internet to share text, photos and sound files... read more »