The cc:Mail Story – As Seen through the Eyes of a Marketer

Curator’s note: In this article, Shelley Harrison, Director of Marketing for cc:Mail, an important early email system, describes her experiences during the time until cc:Mail was acquired by Lotus in 1991. It’s full of fascinating personal observations, and gives you a strong sense of how exciting it was to be in a small, destined-for-success startup. […]... read more »

Coping with Diversity: Gateways and the PC LAN Email Explosion

  Curator’s note:  This is the fourth in a series of commentaries by Ralph Ehlers, discussing his experiences with email implementation in the business world. This commentary describes the challenges, which implementors faced trying to link together various Email systems from different vendors.    Until the end of the 1980’s, the corporate email market was […]... read more »

Enterprise Vault – The First Commercial Email Archiving System

Enterprise Vault and KVS 1997-2004 Curator’s Note: Nigel Dutt, a successful software engineer-turned-entrepreneur, tells the story of the first commercial email archiving product which today still is one of the leading products–RE Before KVS: 1997-1999 Conception The genesis of Enterprise Vault was early in 1997. At that time Digital had decided to cut back investment […]... read more »