Become a Curator

We are seeking curators, who will:

  • Steer the museum's course
  • Build an authoritative archive
  • Moderate contributions, to ensure a high standard
  • Contribute content
  • Solicit high quality content from third parties
  • Enhance the museum's reputation and credibility, by virtue of their involvement

As a curator, you should be a recognized expert in some aspect of human digital communications, or you should have been important in its development. You should be prepared to contribute about one hour weekly of your time, and more if you wish. If you can be involved half- or full-time, you could be considered for the salaried position of Executive Curator.

We anticipate a total of 10 curators. If you'd like to become one, or can recommend someone you think is well qualified, please email David Ferris or call him on +1 415 367 3436 or Skype davidferris.