Startup Funding

The museum has received $60,000 in startup financing. In addition, all curators and contributors have provided their time on a pro-bona basis.


Bare Bones Budget

To operate on a bare-bones basis, the museum needs $45,000 of annual income. Funds are spent on limited IT support for the website, limited support by an administrative assistant, hosting fees, and general business expenses. All curators and contributors continue to work on a pro bona basis.


Source of Financing

The museum has a sponsorship program, designed to cover operating costs. The program is for:

  • Firms that offer technology that helps people communicate
  • Other businesses that wish to associate themselves with state-of-the-art human communications
  • Academic institutions
  • Individuals

Silver sponsorship fees are modest, so that everyone that wants to support the museum can do so.

Gold sponsorships are particularly suitable for computer vendors, or organizations that wish to associate themselves with modern human communications. Such sponsors provide the life blood of the museum. The gold sponsorship program provides commercial benefits to sponsors, while also improving the museum's content, and while also preserving the museum's independence and impartiality.


Proposed Budget

The museum plans to raise a minimum of $400,000 annually. The proposed annual budget is as follows:



Annual Budget
IT Support (mainly website) $120,000
Sponsored Research $90,000
Executive Curator Salary $50,000
Marketing Outreach $24,000
Assistant Salary $24,000
HR Benefits, Taxes, etc $19,400
Rent & Utilities $18,960
Travel $12,000
Meals & Entertainment $6,000
Legal & Accounting Fees $8,400
Application Service Provider Fees $6,000
Computer Products $3,600
Telecommunications $2,400
Other Expenses $4,200
Total $388,960




We anticipate deliverables in the different financing scenarios as follows:

Annual Income # New Reports # Short Bulletins # New Videos # Outreach Events
$45,000 5 20 2 1
$200,000 15 50 6 5
$400,000 30 100 12 10