Future Plans

The following projects will be undertaken in 2012:


  • The museum currently contains about 2,500 reports, bulletins, and webcast recordings, in addition to its news coverage. The content was provided by analyst firm Ferris Research. Some 100 additional Ferris Research reports, covering 1990 to 1995, will be added, in addition to a large body of informal notes taken during conversations with vendors. However, the archive needs to be further expanded. Thus now and on a continuing basis, we seek and will commission external contributions.
  • The museum's archive is biased towards email, instant messaging, group scheduling, discussions groups, wikis, and directory technology. The archive will be expanded to provide coverage across all types of digital communications, with social media a priority.
  • The museum's archive is biased towards business use. It will be expanded to cover other types of use, with consumer/private individual use a priority.
  • The museum will sponsor research projects.
  • Museum content will be presented in a more orderly way. Today the visitor is quickly exposed to the raw archive, which while very extensive is poorly organized. The goal is a comprehensive archive that can be accessed in a variety of user- and education-friendly ways.


  • The museum will continue to build a world-class team of founding curators.
  • The museum will continue to evolve into an educational resource that is owned, financed, and managed by the world at large, in much the same way as, say, Wikipedia is. Initially, the museum has been organized and funded by Ferris Research; it will stand on its own two feet during 2012.
  • The museum's computing platform will be changed, to facilitate access and content growth. It is currently based on WordPress. As part of the change, content management will be altered to provide for long term (at least 500 years) preservation.


  • We will seek sponsors, providing the necessary financial support for the museum, and allowing us to commission research.
  • We will conduct a press launch, teaming with our sponsors.
  • We will organize outreach educational events, to build awareness of the museum. This will be done by teaming  with sponsors.
  • The museum will explore relationships with physical computer museums.