Gold Level Sponsorship

Gold sponsors enjoy a close working relationship with the museum and key marketing and business intelligence benefits.

Limited Opportunity! Companies who purchase a gold sponsorship on or before December 1, 2011 will be listed as charter members for the life of their sponsorship. They will receive a unique logo to highlight this privileged status, and will be able to highlight this distinction in marketing collateral and on their website.

Gold sponsors also have access to gold-level sponsorship opportunities. These include the ability to sponsor projects of marketing value to your organization, in the form of white papers, video publications, and other events.


Brand Building & Credibility:

  • Website Logo & Link — Prominently displayed logo and URL, along with a brief description of relevant products or services
  • Newsletter Logo & Link — Logo and URL displayed in the museum's periodic newsletter
  • Blog Links — Links to relevant blogs are placed on a prominent page of the museum website
  • Blogroll Inclusion — Active and relevant blogs included in the museum's blogroll
  • Museum Logo Rights — Rights to use the museum's logo in marketing materials.

Advertizing & Lead Generation:

  • Links on Web Pages — Up to five advertising links (much like Google Ad words) posted on museum website pages of your choice. Additional links may be inserted for an additional fee.
  • Leads — Lead information about visitors that access material you provide to the museum.

Marketing Communications:

  • The right to re-use museum content in your newsletters
  • Sponsor's Publication Repository — A section in the museum website to place your educational and promotional material. The museum indicates that this library has been provided by you and is not vetted by the museum curators. Up to five documents may be placed in this repository; further documents may be inserted for an additional fee.
  • Product/Service Illustrations — Screen shots, video clips, or other supporting material for documents in the museum, may be included to further illustrate the content.*

Museum Endorsements:

  • Endorsement of Your Marketing Materials — Content contributed and which is accepted for the museum archive may be accompanied by a brief endorsement by the museum. Museum endorsements may be used as promotional materials
  • Museum-Branded White Papers/Videos — The museum may develop museum-branded material for you, such as a white paper or video. Such special projects are only undertaken for gold sponsors, and the fee depends on the scope of the project.
  • Speaking at Events — The museum can provide distinguished speakers for your events, and lend its name to the events as a co-sponsor. An event will be announced in the museum's newsletter and on the museum website. Such special projects are only undertaken for gold sponsors, and the fee depends on the speaker and the scope of the project.
  • Endorsement of Blogs — The museum provides a brief endorsement of your submitted blogs. The endorsement may be used promotional materials, during the period that the blog is recommended in the museum's blogroll.

Business & Technology Planning:

  • Technology Trends Briefing — Invitation to an annual briefing by the curator team on the current state of digital communications and key trends
  • Private Technology Trends Briefing — The Technology Trends briefing can be presented privately to your product management team, under NDA. The fee depends on the speaker and the scope of the presentation.

Member Advisory Committee:

  • Gold sponsors have a voting seat on the museum’s advisory committee
  • Gold sponsors are invited to a quarterly conference call in which the museum’s status and plans are presented and discussed.


# Employees Annual Fee
1-19 $2,995
20-99 $4,995
100-499 $9,995
500+ $19,995

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