Fred Berlack

Fred Berlack is the News editor for Ferris Research. He brings his longtime experience with messaging and collaboration to bear in analyzing, in a concise fashion, all the press releases we receive daily.

Fred\’s interests lie in the end user side of collaboration. He specializes in email and calendaring and scheduling, but has a broad interest and knowledge on how end users interact with technology.

He worked for IBM for 30 years where he specialized in text processing, automated office systems, and electronic messaging. His last 13 years at IBM were spent as the product planner for PROFS. After IBM, Fred worked with Texas Instruments for five years, where he helped manage their email, directory, and scheduling systems. In his positions at both IBM and TI he focused on end-user requirements and usability of messaging systems.

Fred holds a B.S. in mathematics from C. W. Post College. He lives in San Diego, California.