Steve Kille

Steve’s main interests are directories, authentication and security, message infrastructure provisioning, and spam control. He has written over forty RFCs (Internet Standards), including LDAP, MIXER and MADMAN. He has been professionally involved with messaging and collaboration technologies since 1981.

He leads Isode, which develops messaging and directory server products.

Previously, he was:
* VP Strategy, ACI Worldwide, which purchased MessagingDirect
* COO and Chief Strategy Officer, MessagingDirect. MessagingDirect was formed as a merger of Isode and Esys, and built electronic document delivery products. CEO and Founder, Isode.
* Senior Research Fellow, University College London. He led US and European funded research projects on messaging, directory, networking and distributed systems.

Steve has BA and MA honours degrees in Physics from Oxford University, England; and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (England) and Stanford University (California), where he was a Fulbright scholar.

He lives in Teddington, in the SW of London.