Get Involved!

Want to support the museum? Here are some ways you can help.


Increase Awareness of the Museum

  • Tell people about us
  • Represent and promote us in social media
  • Refer us to prospective sponsors
  • Marketing experts: help us with PR


Build Content

  • Browse our galleries and add comments, to help build the narratives
  • Write about your experiences, to appear in our blogs
  • Help us construct an index of the archive
  • Graduate students: write a dissertation/thesis using the archive, and then contribute your work to the museum
  • Got interesting reports, documentation, software, or recordings? Donate them to the archive
  • Improve a gallery, or add a new gallery. Galleries are an easy way for visitors to access our large archive, and we need experts to build them
  • Help prepare our newsletter


Get Really Close

  • Become a curator. We're especially looking for people with a lot of expertise and contacts in the field of social media, and also the consumer (rather than business) use  of digital communications
  • Become a sponsor; programs start at $50 annually. More here


For More Information

Contact David Ferris at, or +1 415 367 3436.