Announcing The Museum …. And How to Get Involved


  • Tuesday, March 27, 2012
  • 8:30am Pacific/11.30am Eastern/4.30pm UK/5.30pm Europe
  • 45 minutes

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Why the Museum?

We are alive at an extraordinary time. Digital communications, from email to social media, are profoundly changing many facets of our lives.

The record is still rich, and most of the innovators are still alive. We thus have a rare opportunity to document the birth of the computer-based communications era for posterity.

Enter The Museum of Email & Digital Communications, a free and open resource dedicated to recording and interpreting history’s most transformative technological advances.


The Launch Webinar

On March 27 at 8.30am Pacific/11.30am Eastern/4.30pm UK/5.30pm Europe, founding members will hold a webinar introducing the museum and its work. You’ll also learn how you can contribute content, and if you wish how to become a sponsor. Speakers include:

  • Curators David Ferris and David Sengupta. They explain the work of the museum, its current status, and a vision for its future. They also describe ways you can get involved with the museum, including creating content, and becoming a sponsor or curator
  • Kieron Dowling of Jatheon and Barney Haye of Transvault. They explain why they are sponsoring the project
  • Two contributors--Nigel Dutt (founder of KVS, makers of Enterprise Vault) and Ralph Ehlers of Roche (messaging architect for several large organizations, former chairman of EEMA user group). They discuss why they are contributing content to the museum

There will also be a 15 minute period reserved for Q&A at the end of the session.



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