Navigating the Archive

The museum archive is already substantial. It currently has 2,500 reports and webinars, plus innumerable news bulletins, and we anticipate  it will grow very much larger as we build content, and as content is donated to the museum.

We recommend you start to access content by browsing:

  • The event timeline on the home page. Most of the events have archive content associated with them, which are easy to retrieve. This is a good way to get a feel for what's in the archive.
  • The museum galleries, also on the home page. Each gallery covers an important topic, and selected items from the archive are displayed. This is another good way to get a feel for what's in the archive.

We now must share some good news with you, and some bad news.

The good news is that unlike physical museums, all our archive is available to visitors. You can access raw, uncurated material. You aren't limited to material that is on display in a gallery.

The bad news is that the tools for accessing the uncurated archive are still crude. We recognise the need for improvement: any advice would be most welcome. Currently, you can access the entire archive as follows:

  • By browsing all blog bulletins in chronological order, by browsing all reports in chronological order, by browsing all webinars in chronological order, and by browsing all news items in chronological order. You do this by clicking on the appropriate entry in the main menu
  • Using the search engine. All content is indexed, but the granularity of the index is poor

We are also developing an index and hope to have this available soon.