The museum needs a minimum of $45,000 annually to cover its basic costs (IT infrastructure, preparation of the weekly newsletter, and finance and administration). To best record and interpret human digital communications, an annual income of $400,000 is required.

We seek sponsors to:

  • Provide funding for day-to-day operations
  • Provide operational and planning guidance. For example, sponsors have been the drivers between our new timeline-based interface, and our March 2012 launch


Who are Sponsors?

  • Firms that offer digital communications products and services
  • Businesses and IT groups with an interest in these technologies
  • Academic institutions/research teams with a role in the future of digital communications
  • Individual experts in digital communications

Meet our current sponsors


Why Become a Sponsor?

Two reasons:

  • Human digital communications are a hugely important step for mankind. We must record and interpret them now, while the early players are (mostly) still alive and memories still fresh
  • Sponsorship is an opportunity to gain valuable publicity that underscores leadership in human communications technologies. Be that Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, social media, or voice-over-IP, or related disciplines such as enterprise search, e-discovery, lawful intercept, or systems management

Sponsorship gives a variety of marketing and business intelligence benefits, including:

  • Advertizing in the museum's website and newsletter
  • Links to your blogs
  • Sales leads
  • Quality endorsement of your marketing materials, if accepted by curators
  • The ability to post your educational materials to the museum's website, if accepted by curators
  • Rights to the use of museum content
  • Custom briefings for your customers or prospects
  • Museum-branded white papers and videos
  • Insider briefings on the current state of digital communications and their likely evolution
  • Participation in the steering committee


What Does Sponsorship Cost?

Sponsorships start at as low as $50 annually for a person, and as low as $295 annually for a commercial organization:

  • Silver level sponsors are generally organizations and people that wish to support the museum
  • Gold level sponsors enjoy a close working relationship with the museum, and key marketing and business intelligence benefits

We also offer permanent benefactor sponsorships, for individuals or corporations that provide research endowments exceeding $2m. These are modelled on professorial chairs at leading universities.


How to Become a Sponsor

To become a sponsor, email David Ferris or call him at +1 415 367 3436.