Lotus Claims Growth, Unconvincingly. To help it retain its customer base, Notes/Domino management feels it needs to pump out statistics showing growth. And it regularly pumps out statistics that are gems of not-being-persuasive. Here's a recent selection from Lotusphere 2006:

Notes/Domino is an excellent product with substantial market share and a loyal customer base. It's a great business. We would be delighted to own just 1% of it.

But if Lotus is successful in the way it wants these statistics to imply, it should avoid citing obscure, ad hoc statistics. Any business can find statistics that suggest success, even when they're headed for bankruptcy tomorrow. Read any venture capitalist's prospectus to illustrate.

To be persuasive, Lotus needs to make clear statements like: "Software revenues up 12% in calendar 2005 over calendar 2004, and up 25% over calendar 2003," or "We have 30 million seats on maintenance controls -- that's up 15% over this time last year." ... David Ferris