Valuable Tools for Recovering Offline Email for Exchange. One of the most difficult challenges in managing Microsoft Exchange is restoring individual messages or mailboxes from backups. If you have ever been asked to retrieve a lost message or restore a mailbox, you know that the process is complex and can take hours (or days) to complete. To make matters worse, HR and legal departments in your organization require quick access to email records to resolve internal disputes, perform legal discovery, and comply with regulatory audits.

Thankfully, some very useful-sounding third-party tools now exist that search raw Exchange database files without requiring a running server. These tools can retrieve Exchange database files from backup tapes and PST files and perform detailed, full-text search of all email contents, including attachments. Search results can be restored to running Exchange servers or exported in PST files.

Ontrack PowerControls and Quest Software Recovery Manager for Exchange are two such tools. A third entry was just introduced this month by Lucid8 called DigiScope.

These tools could be a lifesaver if you need to access offline email records quickly. ... Bob Spurzem